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Residential Security

Security Services: Residential Security

As an Off-Duty Solutions client, you have instant access to carefully pre-screened off-duty law enforcement officers available to serve and protect your residence, providing additional security to deter criminal activities. Our security consultants are experienced police officers and provide a security survey of residence to recommend the best security plan to keep your home safe.

Security services examples:

  • CEO home security
  • House watch during funeral services
  • House protection during times of domestic termoil

Off-Duty Solutions allows you to request options such as uniformed or plainly clothed officers equipped with either marked or unmarked police vehicles.

Our Online Logistics System Places YOU in Instant Control.

Receive Expert and Customized security service protection.

  • Law enforcement expertise: Our security consultants have over 35 years of experience.
  • Post security jobs & assignment detail 24/7: Get instant access to our system.
  • Streamline payroll: We take care of all payroll logistics, eliminating hassles.
  • Rapid response: We respond promptly, providing security and protection.
  • Dependable off-duty police officers: Officers are thoroughly pre-screened.
  • Direct access to on-site security: Communication with the on-site police officer


Trust the Protection of Your Residence to the Security Service Experts at Off-Duty Solutions.

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