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"Yes, because go between with police departments, great services, liaison with police very helpful, accident, drug house, general security very helpful as the liaison when needed."
G. Troutman
Springhurst Subdivision
Louisville Kentucky

Off-Duty Solutions - Louisville Kentucky

Whether your Louisville business or worksite is financial, banking, commercial, under construction, or residential, or if you need off-duty police officers for security services like community patrol or personal security for event or VIP security & transportation, we can help find and contract local police officers in your area.

If you are looking for professional security services provided by off-duty police officers in the Louisville, KY area, Off-Duty Solutions can make that connection for you.

About Off-Duty Solutions

Off-Duty Solutions was established by full time police officers specializing in business and private security service consulting. As a client, you receive instant access to our local law enforcement professionals who will assist you in hiring off-duty law enforcement officers to safeguard your facility, worksite, community or event.

All Louisville clients have an opportunity to receive a security service consultation that includes a customized security risk assessment and recommendation plan constructed by trained law enforcement professionals. Your security plan will help aide you in developing a security strategy to meet your personalized security needs. Clients can request uniformed or plainly clothes officers equipped with either marked or unmarked police vehicles.

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